Legal Services Provided

The firm provides a wide range of legal services with particular emphasis on property development, property transports and commercial law.

Property Development is about improving the property in question and adding value to it. Sometimes one can get a bad deal and will require help from our professionals.

Transportation law covers any kind of transportation that may be utilized. In addition, this law covers you if the framework of your vehicle may bring about any harm to you or your vehicle. We help with mishap claims, load matters and various other transportation related questions.

In our commercial law section we will provide you withadvice on business-related issues. We have corporate, finance, and dispute resolution lawyers that will guide you through your business related issues.We also help in smaller matters such as employment, real estate and tax.

By providing you with the broadest conceivable scope of information and involvement with our transfer, Marie Van Coller Incorporated is sufficiently big enoughto take care of business, yet small enough to guarantee customized administrations. It is at most extremely vital for us to ensure and exhort you on what your rights and obligations are. We are focused on giving you the most excessiveamounts of administration that you expect and merit.